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The VISIBLE committee is a newly formed community committee of people who are passionate about our region.  The group are currently undertaking incorporation. 


The group aims to embrace traditional and new community events and activities by marketing and promoting an event focused program over summer each year in the Streaky Bay region.


The concept is evolving quite organically, and the Committee are not seeking to place any limitations on the type of events and activities or the timelines that the program will capture in the coming years.


The first meeting of the Working Party was held on 30 August 2018.  The committee has moved to consult with other stakeholders and incorporate in 2019.


For VISIBLE 2018/19 four NEW ART AND CULTURE EVENTS will be promoted as part of VISIBLE under the auspice of Streaky Bay Tourist Promotions Inc., and/or the District Council of Streaky Bay.


Jayne Holland, Creative Producer

Penny Williams

Jessica Davis

Libby Hunt

Michelle Hutchison

Lauren Karp

Kayla Petty

Tobin Woolford



We want to enable our communities to create sustainable events, experiences and opportunities that, inspire, activate and connect people to our place and; generate our economy.


We want to embrace our culture, our people and our environment so that our place is one that we all love to live in or visit and; where individuals and communities can thrive.



VISIBLE is an umbrella committee working closely with other stakeholders with a purpose to develop a framework and a platform from which new possibilities and economies can be realised.



December 2018 – January 2019

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