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JUST COMMUNITY…textile art web

Site: Corner of Stuart Avenue and Eyre Avenue, Streaky Bay

Participatory Workshops, 116

Wednesday 5 December 2018, Streaky Bay Area School, Year 6 and 7, 45 Students

Thursday 6 December 2018, Streaky Bay Area School, Year 2, 26 Students ,

Friday 7 December 2018, Streaky Bay Area School, Year R and 1, 45 students

Audience participation, 1148

1– 7 Dec 2018, 150

56 days est. @ 20 per day, 998

About: The textile art web installation was created as a metaphor for the West Coast environment using wool, sisal, seaweed and cotton.

The web will celebrate the interconnectedness of our lives with the natural environment and its fragility that is caused by over consumption.  The project will take a philosophical perspective on shaping connections between communities and developing community-based projects that celebrate, question and investigate the relationship between humans and the environment.

It will engage the Streaky Bay and West Coast communities as well as a global on-line audience that we hope to reach through social media.  This will allow reflection on everyday practices and choices of consumption critically, honestly and responsibly.

Date: The Just Community art installation was in place at the dead tree from 3 December to 25 January 2019.


Images: Stella Goosay and Jayne Holland


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