14 Dec 2018—22 Jan 2019

Supper Room Studio Gallery, 29 Alfred Terrace, Streaky Bay

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Women Living on the Edges of the World—Naisia Maailman Laidalla exhibition opened in Finland on the 05.09. 2017.

The exhibition was on display from 06.09.2017—07.01.2018 at Gallery Hämärä, University of Lapland.

ABOUT: An international research project and artistic collaboration between various global artist communities the exhibition had a goal to study how art empowers women living in marginal conditions in Finland, Russia and Australia. 46 women converged on Fowlers Bay in October 2016 for a 7 day cultural exchange which created many of the artworks for the exhibition. The exhibition displays traditional weaving, felting, painting and others, by individual artists and collaborations. It is supported by a vast spectrum of video artworks, video documentation of artistic processes and photography artworks and features work from art projects, research and community work that has been conducted in Rovaniemi (Lapland, Finland), Port Augusta and the Far west communities of South Australia.



Piece of Heaven—Pala taivasta exhibition opened at Gallery Hämärä, University of Lapland on 9.1. 2017.

The exhibition was displayed in Finland from 10.1.2018. - 25.1.2018.

ABOUT: The exhibition was a collaborative textile installation where groups of artists are visualizing and discussing their experiences of happiness. Piece of Heaven – pala taivasta describes the feeling when everything is good, in harmony, as good as it gets. Piece of Heaven is a textile installation where each piece is created in different parts of the world: in Streaky Bay, South Australia, in Windhoek Namibia, in Rovaniemi Finland and in Murmansk Russia.


The Women Living on the Edges of the World and Piece of Heaven curation teams sincerely thank the VISIBLE TEAM and the generous in-kind support from the District Council of Streaky Bay.



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