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OCEANIC SPACE…sails installation


Site: Second Shelter Shed, Doctors Beach, Wells Street, Streaky Bay


Frid 7 Dec 2018, Streaky Bay Area School Year R/1 x 45 participants

Audience participation, 1208

1– 7 Dec 2018, 210

56 days est. @ 20 per day, 998


  • Lead creative, Edwina Cooper, ADELAIDE & her team

  • Lauren Karp, STREAKY BAY

  • Toni Foster, STREAKY BAY


The sails installation is an interpretation on water and our relationship and engagement with it and speaks of the delicate nature of our shoreline - a threshold between human and oceanic space, open to influence by both forces and; around the translation of embodied oceanic feeling and experiences and how this manifest in making.  Materially the work sits within the nautical realm as is commonplace for Coopers practice.


The chosen material is primarily recycled sails, which are installed with sewing and rigging methods, both of which are practices of boat builder and sail-makers.  Although the marine materials used are built to withstand time in this instance they are implemented in an ephemeral project.


Participants and audiences are encouraged to straddle the threshold of ocean and land on the shoreline to ponder and discuss architectural necessities as land going creatures.

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Streaky Bay

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