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Saturday 12 October 2019

Do you know a character who can cut the rug, do the hoopla, groove the groove, bust a move, crank it up, shuffle like shebang, get a groove on, swerve the sidestep, head-bang to dizzy heights and slam dunk the Dancing Stars Streaky Bay gig?


Then the Dancing Stars Streaky Bay team need to hear from you!

TWELVE dancers, SIX mentors, THREE judges, ONE winner, ONE CAUSE, The Kerrin McEvoy Sculpture.


Dancing Stars Streaky Bay will set Streaky Bay sizzling on Saturday 12 October 2019 and everyone in the community is invited to be a part of it for a great cause.


Tracy McEvoy, Dancing Stars team member and Committee member of the Kerrin McEvoy Sculpture Committee says, “We have a passionate team including 3 members of the original Dancing with the Stars, Streaky Bay 2004 event.  We would love to hear from friends, family members and work colleagues who want to ‘dob in’ a husband, wife, brother, sister, mate or fellow worker for the event.  Dancing skills are not a prerequisite but an entertaining nature, a competitive streak and lots of determination may well come in handy!  Our aim is to not only have a fun community event that exposes and showcases some hidden talents but also to raise funds for the Kerrin McEvoy Sculpture project.”


Dancing Stars Streaky Bay is currently recruiting dancers and mentors.  The mystery and intrigue will be palpable until late July 2019 when the identity of the dance teams will be released little by little.  The competition takes a serious turn in August when choreography, music and practice sessions take precedent.


To find out all of the latest dancing shenanigans follow @dancingstarsstreakybay on Facebook and Instagram and check out visiblestreakybay.com for media releases.


The team are also seeking donations of items for auction and raffle at the event.  All contributors will be acknowledged across media and on October 12 at the Dancing Stars Streaky Bay event.


Let's get these STARS dancing! Shhhhhh let the Dancing Stars Streaky Bay team know who you think would make a great dancer for Dancing Stars Streaky Bay.


To donate items: Tracy McEvoy 0428 261 325 or tmc93891@bigpond.net.au

For all other enquiries: Jayne Holland 0427 706 454 or jayne@createwithu.com

Dancing Stars Team members: Donna Legovini, Sara Goosay and Ursula Gilmore.


Kerrin McEvoy Sculpture Committee:

Geoff Hull 0427 263 184 and Sam Kirby 0400 654 456


The Dancing Stars Streaky Bay event acknowledge the Streaky Bay Racing Club, Streaky Bay Community Hotels Grant, Letcher Moroney and the District Council of Streaky Bay.


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